Friday, May 10, 2024

This weekend students may have some homework that was work they did not complete in class.  

The only actual weekend homework is 15 minutes on IXL.  

May 13-17-  Continue reading each night. 

Copy Spelling List 32 Twice.  Words 11, 12, 13, 16, and 19 will not be part of the list.  I am adding the following instead:  fatigue, bizarre, continue, kindness, and opponent. This is our last Spelling list.  :)

Study for History Quiz. They have a study guide, and we practiced some study guide skills that they can use. :)

TuesdayHOMEWORK: Copy the preposition list on page 143 in cursive.  We will requiz on our prepositions on Wednesday, so they need to study them this evening. 

Wednesday-  The talent show is today at 12:45.

Thursday- We will walk to Pizza Hut today for lunch.  Please sign the permission slip that I sent home. 

Spelling Trial Test today. 
HOMEWORK is to copy the missed words 3 times.  

There is a History and Health Quiz today.  

We will be taking our Final Health and Math Exams today.  

Friday- Our Final Exam in History is today.  Quizlet link is below.  

               Final Spelling Test is today as well.  


Some extra credit opportunities are writing your spelling list and extra time in your best cursive, turning in a History CCU at the end of a chapter from chapters 13-20, and turning in any extra practice pages in the back of math and Language books.  All extra credit is due Friday the 17th by 2:30.  

History Quizlet:

Friday, May 3, 2024

 May 6-10

Testing Week :) 

Please let me know if you are sending a special snack/breakfast item.  

There will be no homework, tests, or quizzes this week. 

Please help your child to be rested and ready to have a successful test week. 

We will be having an ice cream party Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the end of testing. 

Thursday is the ballgame in Charleston.  Please let me know asap if your child needs a ride.  Also, please dress accordingly.  You may want to put on sunscreen. 

They also may want to have a little money with them.  I will keep track of it.  

There is no weekend homework, but they can always jump on to IXL! 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 2, 2024

 Please note the change in homework for this evening:  

Math homework:  Do Page 296 and 297.  

Spelling: Copy missed spelling words 3 times each.  

Please spend 15 minutes on IXL.

There is no Language homework tonight as originally posted on the blog.  

Friday, April 26, 2024

Congratulations to all of our amazing readers this week!  Especially the top reader, Kambree, who read over 500 pages and Marcus, who read over 100!  Great job!  Keep reading, the contest continues next week with 3rd and 5th grade!

Testing is just one week away! I would like to provide a breakfast item each morning for them.  If you would like to send in donuts, muffins, or anything, please shoot me a message so I can put together a list. Testing starts Monday the the 6th and goes through Wednesday the 8th.  

The baseball game field trip is Thursday the 9th.  Please send the permission slip and payment for tickets asap.  

April 29-May 3

Monday-Homework- Copy Spelling List 29 twice, vocab once.  

                                    Study Chapter 16 for History quiz tomorrow.  

                                    Math Worksheet

Tuesday-Homework- Language P. 264 L. 153

                                    History Finish p. 424 A-C

Wednesday- Language Test today.  Study Prepositions and page 150.  

                       Math Test today.  Study over metric measures, square roots, squares, and multiplying                                     fractions.  

Thursday-Homework- Masth Pp 368-369 L. 158 and 160. 

                                    Language P.p 265-266 L 157. 

                                    Trial Test today and regular test Friday.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


History Test tomorrow- Study chapters 14 and 15.  Quizlet link:

Health quiz tomorrow-Study pages 51-57. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

 Here is the work packet to be completed on Friday.  All assignments are required and are due on Monday.  

Students will now be rewarded for every 100 questions that they answer on IXL in addition to the top 3 prizes on leaderboards. After 10 incorrect questions, IXL will not count questions that are incorrect, so be careful.  This is so students cannot simply answer questions wrong just to boost numbers.  :) 

Here is next week's information. 

 Monday- Homework:  Math p. 366. 
                                     Spelling Copy challenge words only twice.  

Tuesday- Homework:  Read in Road Trip West 66-77. 
                                    Study for History Test; here is the quizlet link.                             
                                    Study for Health Quiz (They will have a guide.)

Wednesday-History Test  
                    Health Quiz 

Thursday- Trial Spelling Test 
                 Homework:  Copy the preposition list twice. 
                                        Copy missed Spelling words 3 times each.  

Friday-Spelling Test
            Preposition Quiz
            Health Quiz (They will have a guide.)
            Homework:  Read in History book pages 411-415.  Do P. 405 C

Have a great weekend! 

List of prepositions